Saturday, February 2, 2008

Another day in the life of....

Well, it's been 3 weeks at the new job and as repetitive as it is, and sometimes very boring, I'm enjoying what I do to some degree. It may be repetitive but it's not "mindless". I've had to fix spread sheets from previous months so that they are accurate and legible. I work solely on 1 major phone company's phone errors. It's truly fulfilling when I fix an error that no one else saw or could fix. And most of the time it's as simple as an extra space somewhere in the address that you wouldn't see unless you go in and re enter all the information.

Of course Buzz misses me since now I'm gone all day. He just got groomed again and he always looks like a little boy puppy. But he's much more "pitiful" looking when he begs for food. He really needs to be on a diet but how can anyone deny that face!??
You have to admit he's the cutest doggy in the county.
He's like the child that never grows up and never leaves home.
Although, in dog years he's about 21 now. He still talks back when he doesn't approve. Yes, I have an arguing dog! He's like a teenager sometimes.