Friday, July 15, 2011

Cats & Teenagers

I’ve decided, cats are like teenagers. You try to talk to them and they flip their tail and walk away. They want attention and then when you show it, they get mad. "Don't embarress me".

So I say to them, the cat and the teenagers, “If you only would just stop for one second and listen to me, take my advise, ACT ON MY ADVISE, I would trust you”, as she longingly looked up toward the fence to find a way to jump.

She just kept looking up. She wants out. She wants to be free. I know that feeling.

Yet the world is not a safe place for kitties and cats. Or for Puppies or dogs either for that matter. I’m sorry to say that animals are not allowed to run freely. But that’s okay, because we all learn to live in our own environment. Even cats and teenagers.

The only difference between teenagers and cats is that teenagers grow out of it, cats don’t.